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    What’s New on This Site?

    Date: 20 November 2014

    1. Now get private mbira lessons over Skype anywhere in the world!

    2. Don't miss our fabulous 2014 mbira videos in Zimbabwe at the MbiraOrganization YouTube channel

    3. Keep up with mbira workshops and concerts at the MBIRA Event Calendar.

    4. Like the "MBIRA the non-profit" page on Facebook for the lastest updates on CD releases, photos of Zimbabwean musicians and dancers, and more.

    5. More and more of our archival 90-minute tape recordings are now available as downloads, so listen to the audio samples and get your favorites!

    6. You can buy many many tunings of mbiras, from 16 Zimbabwean makers, right on this website: Buy mbira. Also now available: 10 DVDs with video mbira lessons (each with 4 or more lessons per DVD for the average student).

    7. Mbira accessories - we have fiberglass dezes (14" and 16" diameter) and gourd hosho rattles (mostly small and medium size) from Zimbabwe, thumbpicks, mbira bubble zipbags, bangles, and retso, the fabric Zimbabwean mbira players get as an offering to the spirits that help them to play mbira.

    8. Books are available on this site: newly released important book Mapira: Shona Ceremonies by Patience Munjeri, Shona Lessons for Mbira Students (text and recording) by Patience Munjeri, and Learning Shona, an excellent textbook published in Zimbabwe.

    9. MBIRA has sponsored instruments for 5 public schools and communities in Zimbabwe with your donations, and the kids are LOVING playing mbira. Thank you!!! Read more and make a donation.

    10. CDs and Downloads in the catalog have audio samples - listen before you buy.

    11. MBIRA accepts Paypal and credit and debit cards for all online payments, which are securely processed by Paypal (as well as checks, money orders, and cash): workshop fees, instruments, etc. etc. Many items can be paid for over this (www.mbira.org) website. There will be an additional 5% charge to cover credit processing for workshop payments paid at www.paypal.com to MBIRA (erica@mbira.org). For purchases made on this site (www.mbira.org), the credit processing fee is included in your shipping charge. For those with US-based bank accounts only, pay online for workshops (NO fee) with Chase QuickPay to MBIRA's account (erica@mbira.org).

    12. Note the latest CDs and Downloads added to the MBIRA catalog at Latest Recordings.

    13. To help us support over 250 traditional musicians all over Zimbabwe, add a tax-deductible donation to your order, or just click on the DONATE button on the homepage

    MBIRA is also enrolled at escrip.com - sign up there and stores where you shop, including online merchants, will donate a percentage of your purchase price to MBIRA, at NO charge to you!

    14. The MBIRA online catalog allows you to Search for recordings by many different criteria, or order an mbira, MBIRA t-shirt or sweatshirt, or an ebony mbira player sculpture, then pay by credit card, or mail in your order if you prefer. Or browse all our CDs. These recordings support over 250 traditional musicians in Zimbabwe.

    15. MBIRA T-shirts feature our mbira logo, shown at the top of this page (better quality of the same graphic on the shirts!). We have a wide selection of colors in sizes from S to XXL. We also have cuddly hooded sweatshirts, and babydoll tees for women. All have the MBIRA logo, just like the regular tees.

    MBIRA, Box 7863, Berkeley, CA 94707-0863, USA, tel (510) 548-6053, fax (510) 548-2454, email info@mbira.org