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    Handei kuMBIRA Club!

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    Sep. 1 albumJoin MBIRA's Handei kuMBIRA Club!

    ***Special offer! Join during August 2018 and receive 3 albums (2 free) on September 1st.

    Receive an entire album of traditional Shona music on the 1st of every month - usually a new release!  A download link emailed to your inbox!

    AND, in addition to the monthly album, you will receive one or more unreleased tracks from the MBIRA archive only available to club membersHandei kuMBIRA Club membership is the only way to get these rare and treasured recordings! 

    Member benefits:

    • Monthly album download on the 1st of the month following your club subscription - often a new release.
    • Bonus unreleased tracks not available elsewhere.
    • Periodic loyalty bonuses (occasionally an extra free album!).
    • Keep up to date with the latest releases.
    • A growing mbira library to train your ear and expand your understanding of the music.
    • That deep satisfaction knowing that you are truly making a difference in a musician’s life.  If this beautiful musical tradition has touched your life profoundly, this is an opportunity to reciprocate the blessings and support a culture to thrive and flourish in the face of modernization.
    • Gift opportunities, if you already have an album, you can gift it to your friend or family member and smile knowing you’ve really supported a musician who has touched your life. Or, you can ask for another album. But, as most club albums will be new releases, this won't be a problem in the near future.

    Only $20 per month gets you all these things!  For less than the amount many people spend on coffee in a month, you can expand your musical library and support the richly deep musical tradition you love.  Our organization has not only supported mbira makers and players in their work, but we also provide a beacon for the future mbira masters of Zimbabwe; when the youth can see that mbira making and playing is viable to support their family, they are encouraged to pick up the mbira and carry the tradition of their ancestors into the future.  You can help make this happen!

    We encourage you to subscribe for a little more than $20 a month – if you do, the additional donation will go to MBIRA's Musicians Fund, to be divided among all the MBIRA musicians in Zimbabwe who earn less than $100 that year!

    Payment Options

    How to Give a Friend a Subscription – the Perfect Gift!

    To give a friend a subscription to the Handei kuMBIRA Club, just subscribe, and then email us to let us know what email address to deliver the download links to (instead of yours), and that it is a gift.

    MBIRA, Box 7863, Berkeley, CA 94707-0863, USA, tel (510) 548-6053, email info@mbira.org