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    Getting an Mbira

    You can now buy many mbira tunings on this website: Buy Mbiras

    Buy an mbira on this website with a First Mbira Lessons DVD.

    Contact us if you need help choosing an mbira.

    Most of the proceeds of mbira sales go to the Zimbabwean mbira maker, after expenses are deducted (MBIRA's mark-up is $50 to cover our expenses). At this time, MBIRA is ordering regularly from Fradreck Mujuru, Josephat Mandaza, Tute Chigamba, Leonard Chiyanike, Samson Bvure, Charles Ruhukwa, Gift Rushambwa, Newton Gwara, "Simboti" Rinos Mukuwurirwa, Newtan Musa Chihota, Sam Mujuru, Fradreck Manjengwa, Edison Chivese, Munashe Chivese, Tirivangani Chiongotere and Tinokosha Bvure.

    Tunings usually available include nyamaropa (several pitches: MBIRA workshop, G/marimba, "medium low-G#", etc), mavembe (gandanga), Dambatsoko, katsanzaira, mazingizi (an octave lower then katsanzaira), nemakonde, bass nemakonde, saungweme, nyamaropa dongonda, gandanga/mavembe dongonda, and katsanzaira dongonda. We also have F pitch karimbas (nyunganyunga). You may also special order these and other tunings by contacting us. Note that many of our B pitch nyamaropa mbiras can be tuned down to B flat (Magaya Standard); we will do this for you for an additional $40, but please confirm with us first that the specific instrument you want is suitable for this tuning shift.

    MBIRA is now selling 14-inch and 16-inch diameter fiberglass dezes (mbira resonators) on this site - usually only available during the early part of the year, as our supplies run out.

    MBIRA has also organized a way for you to get a fiberglass deze (mbira resonator) directly by mail from a Zimbabwean grandmother, and your support will provide school fees for AIDS orphans she adopts (MBIRA takes NO responsibility for the success of this transaction):

    Get a Deze (mbira resonator) direct from Zimbabwe

    Ambuya (grandmother) Soko will send you a fiberglass deze, direct from Zimbabwe. You may also add hosho or magavhu (leg rattles) to your order, as they will travel safely inside the deze.

    16" diameter fiberglass deze $150.00
    14" diameter fiberglass deze $130.00
    Price includes air mail shipping, which takes 2-4 weeks to the US (no insurance available)

    Add one pair hosho to order $40 (not always available, check first)
    Add one pair magavhu (leg rattles) to order $40

    1. Email chiposoko@yahoo.com (Ambuya Soko’s daughter) with your order - please specify color (black or natural tan), and size for your deze. Ask them to email you whether the item(s) you want are available BEFORE you proceed to 2.
    2. AFTER you receive email confirmation that your order items are available currently, wire payment through Western Union to Mary Soko. A test question and answer will be required. You will need to email the 10-digit money transfer number and the test question and answer to them, so they can pick up the money.
    3. You will receive an email from the Sokos when your order is sent.
    4. MBIRA is not in any way responsible for this transaction.

    MBIRA, Box 7863, Berkeley, CA 94707-0863, USA, tel (510) 548-6053, email info@mbira.org