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    Samaita Vitalis Botsa & Erica Azim 18 August 2015
    Samaita Vitalis Botsa & Erica Azim 18 August 2015 Samaita’s fabulous mbira playing and soulful singing connect with the spirits wherever he is, including this recording made during his first US tour. Mmmmm! Tracks 1-4 are played in nyamaropa tuning, and tracks 5-10 in mavembe (gandanga) tuning. Tracks 7 and 8 are played solo, the other tracks are played together with Erica Azim. Tuning: nyamaropa, mavembe/gandanga. [Total time: 73:54]
    1. audio sampleMahororo  [10:44]
    2. audio sampleMharapara matende  [6:20]
    3. audio sampleNhema musasa  [9:32]
    4. Kari muDande  [4:28]
    5. audio sampleMarenje  [11:38]
    6. Dande  [8:46]
    7. audio sampleRova ngoma muTavara  [3:30]
    8. audio sampleMauya mauya  [4:36]
    9. Chipembere  [8:20]
    10. audio sampleTadzungaira  [5:24]


    Samaita & Ambuya Botsa 2014: Vocals! with Mavembe (Gandanga) & Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira
    Samaita & Ambuya Botsa 2014: Vocals! with Mavembe (Gandanga) & Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira Ambuya Botsa is the feisty woman we all want to be at age 90 – singing her heart out and dancing – and still strong enough to work in her village fields and enjoy her beer. Here she sings together with her immensely talented youngest son, as he plays both mavembe (gandanga, tracks 1-4) and nyamaropa (tracks 5-7) tuning mbira, and adds his vocals to hers. Mmmm, not only big love, but also big music between this mother and son in Murehwa! Tuning: mavembe (gandanga), nyamaropa. [Total time: 76:28]
    1. audio sampleMarenje (mavembe (gandanga) tuning) [14:16]
    2. audio sampleDande (mavembe (gandanga) tuning) [10:34]
    3. Shumba (mavembe (gandanga) tuning) [13:24]
    4. Hambura makaka (mavembe (gandanga) tuning) [8:48]
    5. audio sampleMharapara matende (nyamaropa tuning) [10:50]
    6. Imbwa yangu Machena (nyamaropa tuning) [10:08]
    7. audio sampleChipindura (nyamaropa tuning) [8:04]


    Tangai Chinyakare - Shona Songs & Drumming in Murehwa 2010
    Tangai Chinyakare - Shona Songs & Drumming in Murehwa 2010 Ah, the soulful way they used to sing in Zimbabwe! Well, you can still find it here and there...the lead singers on this recording are both in their 80's, and can they sing!!!!! Wow! Spunky, playful, improvisational, and so soulful in Muzanenhamo Village, Murehwa Communal Area. Lead singers Christine Botsa and Musekiwa Shadreck Gede are the mother and uncle of talented mbira player "Samaita" Vitalis Botsa, who plays mbira on track 12. On the other tracks, the village singers are joined by Antony Tangai on ngoma (drum). ***You get 2 extra tracks (13 & 14) on the Download that didn't fit on the CD. [Total time: 78:21]
    1. Tondobayana  [5:50]
    2. audio sampleHaruna  [6:38]
    3. audio sampleMharapara madende  [7:37]
    4. Machena  [10:08]
    5. Showererai waro  [6:26]
    6. Chirombo chine makushe  [6:12]
    7. Kanemare  [5:06]
    8. Pasi pane mhanda  [5:00]
    9. Kuenda Mbire  [6:22]
    10. Mukuru mukuru  [7:08]
    11. audio samplePfumo rangu rabaya  [5:22]
    12. audio sampleMahororo serevende  [6:09]
    13. Toenda Nhowe  [5:52]
    14. Shiri huru yarira  [5:22]


    Samaita 2010: Vitalis Botsa on Gandanga/Mavembe Tuning
    Samaita 2010: Vitalis Botsa on Gandanga/Mavembe Tuning Soulful, virtuoso mbira playing, full waves of music that will wash you away to a far far place..."Samaita" Vitalis Botsa takes us on a journey with the amazing mbira style more commonly associated with former mbira partner Forward Kwenda. A "market gardener" who grows vegetables in Muzanenhamo Village, Murehwa, Samaita had not played mavembe tuning mbira for 13 years, and he says he's out of practice after only 3 months to get reacquainted with the tuning. But, other mbira players would love to sound like this...EVER! Tuning: Gandanga/mavembe. [Total time: 77:38]
    1. audio sampleTadzungaira  [14:46]
    2. audio sampleDande  [10:38]
    3. audio sampleMarenje  [11:52]
    4. Muzazaranda  [7:36]
    5. Chipembere  [12:08]
    6. Shumba  [6:08]
    7. Mauya mauya  [7:36]
    8. audio sampleMbavarira  [6:26]


    Muzanenhamo Mbira Group 2009
    Muzanenhamo Mbira Group 2009 This group from Muzanenhamo Village in Murehwa Communal Area is a gem. "Samaita" Vitalis Botsa was Forward Kwenda's mbira partner during many formative years for both, and here plays a similar virtuosic style with oh so soulful vocals. "Samaita", a humble market gardener, is joined by two mbira players from his village, one of whom adds lovely bass vocals to some tracks. Their Nhema musasa and Mahororo serevende will be favorites! Musicians: "Samaita" Vitalis Botsa, kutsinhira mbira and lead vocals; Campion Botsa, kushaura mbira and bass vocals; Lovemore Mutandwa, mbira. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:52]
    1. audio sampleMahororo serevende  [11:02]
    2. Chipindura  [10:20]
    3. audio sampleKari muDande  [10:34]
    4. audio sampleMuka tiende  [11:32]
    5. Kariga mombe  [11:12]
    6. Taireva  [10:00]
    7. audio sampleNhema musasa  [15:00]

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