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    Samaita Vitalis Botsa & Erica Azim 18 August 2015
    Samaita Vitalis Botsa & Erica Azim 18 August 2015 Samaita’s fabulous mbira playing and soulful singing connect with the spirits wherever he is, including this recording made during his first US tour. Mmmmm! Tracks 1-4 are played in nyamaropa tuning, and tracks 5-10 in mavembe (gandanga) tuning. Tracks 7 and 8 are played solo, the other tracks are played together with Erica Azim. Tuning: nyamaropa, mavembe/gandanga. [Total time: 73:54]
    1. audio sampleMahororo  [10:44]
    2. audio sampleMharapara matende  [6:20]
    3. audio sampleNhema musasa  [9:32]
    4. Kari muDande  [4:28]
    5. audio sampleMarenje  [11:38]
    6. Dande  [8:46]
    7. audio sampleRova ngoma muTavara  [3:30]
    8. audio sampleMauya mauya  [4:36]
    9. Chipembere  [8:20]
    10. audio sampleTadzungaira  [5:24]


    Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim 2014
    Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim 2014 Master mbira player and mbira maker Fradreck Mujuru explores a wide variety of the traditional Shona mbira repertoire here - playing 6 different Shona mbira tunings. From the sparkling Katsanzaira and Katsanzaira dongonda to the deep luscious Nemakonde and Dambatsoko tunings, Mujuru includes mbira standards, classic regional repertoire of the Mujuru family, and unusual pieces. Tracks 2,4,5, and 6 are played solo, and the remaining tracks are played with Erica Azim. Mujuru and Azim had been friends for 23 years at the time of this recording, collaborating not only musically, but also in supporting and promoting mbira music in Zimbabwe and around the world. [Total time: 79:53]
    1. audio sampleChakwi (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Katsanzaira tuning) [7:42]
    2. audio sampleMukai tiende (Fradreck Mujuru) (Nemakonde tuning) [13:22]
    3. Bhuka tiende yepasi (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Nyamaropa tuning) [5:58]
    4. Bangidza (Fradreck Mujuru) (Katsanzaira dongonda tuning) [4:59]
    5. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko (Fradreck Mujuru) (Dambatsoko tuning) [7:05]
    6. Nyamaropa yavana vaMushonga (Fradreck Mujuru) (Dambatsoko tuning) [8:31]
    7. Ndangariro (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Dambatsoko tuning) [5:38]
    8. Mbavarira (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [5:58]
    9. Nhema musasa (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Nyamaropa tuning) [9:00]
    10. audio sampleMasangano (Fradreck Mujuru & Erica Azim) (Dambatsoko tuning) [6:44]


    Leonard Chiyanike & Erica Azim 2012: Live Concert
     Leonard Chiyanike & Erica Azim 2012: Live Concert A quiet, humble, hard-working farmer, Leonard Chiyanike is also an outstanding world-class mbira player, and a lyrical singer as well. Due to his father's construction work, Chiyanike grew up in various parts of Zimbabwe, and thus can play mbira in a wide variety of traditional styles. His fondness for mucheje dongonda tuning, played solo on Chipindura, dates back to living in a northern area of Zimbabwe, where that type of tuning is played, during one period. Chiyanike likes to play each song for a hour or so, as is done in the traditional ceremonies that are his usual venue...but he restrained himself to around 20 minutes each, in consideration of American audiences! On tracks 1-3, played on nyamaropa tuning, he is joined by Erica Azim's mbira and Joseph Saine's very traditional, very groovin', hosho (rattles). Tuning: nyamaropa, muchenje dongonda. [Total time: 79:47]
    1. audio sampleMukai tiende  [20:51]
    2. audio sampleNyama musango  [22:49]
    3. audio sampleTaireva  [13:36]
    4. audio sampleChipindura  [22:18]


    Caution Shonhai & Erica Azim 2010
    Caution Shonhai & Erica Azim 2010 Caution Shonhai is the medium of his great-great-great-great-grandfather, who was a master mbira player in his time. Caution carries on the family's mbira tradition, as well as his work as a traditional healer. Caution's gentle vocals and sweet mbira style make this recording a good one for bedtime, massages, relaxation and healing. He plays solo on tracks 6 and 7, and is joined by Erica Azim on the other tracks. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 63:36]
    1. audio sampleNyamaropa chipembere  [3:38]
    2. audio sampleBangidza  [9:32]
    3. audio sampleChakwi  [7:48]
    4. audio sampleNhai mambo  [12:10]
    5. Chipindura  [8:34]
    6. audio sampleWaramba kudaira  [7:46]
    7. Kari mugomba  [6:18]
    8. audio sampleShumba yangwasha  [7:22]


    Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim: Live in Berkeley 2009
    Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim: Live in Berkeley 2009 This vibrant live recording includes a wide variety of traditional Shona music as it is played in Zimbabwean ceremonies. The mbira pieces include songs with and without vocals, with and without hosho, in nyamaropa tuning (MBIRA workshop pitch) and mavembe (gandanga) tuning. Special treats include track 4's great recording of Patience's dancing with magavhu (leg rattles), and Dandanda style drumming and singing on track 10. Enjoy playing, singing, and dancing with this CD! Recorded 5 August 2009 at Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA. Tuning: nyamaropa, mavembe/gandanga. [Total time: 67:54]
    1. audio sampleChigwaya (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim, Krishna Pulavarti (hosho)) (nyamaropa tuning) [10:26]
    2. Bangidza (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (nyamaropa tuning) [5:06]
    3. Mahororo serevende (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (nyamaropa tuning) [5:58]
    4. audio sampleDande (Patience Chaitezvi (magavhu - leg rattles), Erica Azim (mbira and vocals), Krishna Pulavarti (hosho)) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [6:14]
    5. Kanhurura/Nyama musango (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [7:56]
    6. Kariga mombe (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [7:01]
    7. audio sampleDangurangu (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [6:53]
    8. Mandarendare (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [5:09]
    9. Shumba (Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim, Krishna Pulavarti (hosho)) (mavembe/gandanga tuning) [9:38]
    10. audio sampleChikonye (Patience Chaitezvi (ngoma - drum, vocals), Joseph Saine (ngoma - drum), Erica Azim (vocals), Krishna Pulavarti (hosho)) [2:53]


    Vakaranga Venharetare - Live Concert in Berkeley, CA on 13 August 2008
    Vakaranga Venharetare - Live Concert in Berkeley, CA on 13 August 2008 Vakaranga Venharetare means "The women who play mbira for ceremonies to call the spirits". Mbira is played by very few women in Zimbabwe, but Patience Chaitezvi and Ambuya Jenny Muchumi were both raised by women who were traditional healers and spirit mediums. In this traditional environment, they began playing mbira in ceremonies as young girls. Their relationship with mbira remains extremely traditional, and the idea of performing mbira on stage as entertainment (this live concert) was a strange experience for them! Erica Azim fell in love with Shona mbira music as a teenager, and has played since the 1970's. This recording includes both nyamaropa and mavembe (gandanga) tunings. A special treat is the magavhu (leg rattles), which can be heard on tracks 5 and 7. Recorded 13 August 2008 at Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA by Tesser Call. Musicians: Jenny Muchumi, Patience Chaitezvi, Erica Azim. Tuning: nyamaropa and gandanga/mavembe. [Total time: 75:48]
    1. audio sampleMahororo (nyamaropa tuning) [12:00]
    2. Nhema musasa (nyamaropa tuning) [10:51]
    3. Shanje (mavembe tuning) [4:52]
    4. audio sampleKanhurura/Nyama musango (mavembe tuning) [6:14]
    5. Marenje (mavembe tuning) [2:47]
    6. Shumba (mavembe tuning) [9:44]
    7. Chipembere (nyamaropa tuning) [6:44]
    8. audio sampleKariga mombe (nyamaropa tuning) [6:40]
    9. Tadzungaira "Ndodzungaira" (nyamaropa tuning) [15:19]


    Irene Chigamba & Erica Azim 2006: Live Mbira Concert in Berkeley, California
    Irene Chigamba & Erica Azim 2006: Live Mbira Concert in Berkeley, California This rare live performance, by two of the mere handful of women performers of traditional Shona mbira music of Zimbabwe, is dedicated to the ancestral spirits of Zimbabwe, asking for an end to starvation. Mbira is very rarely played by women in Zimbabwe, but Irene Chigamba learned from her mother at the age of 8, then her father, before joining the first Zimbabwe National Dance Company and performing as a musician and dancer worldwide. Erica Azim fell in love with Shona mbira music as a teenager, and through years of determination, managed to travel to Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) in 1974 to study with several mbira masters. Recorded 6 August 2006. Tuning: Nyamaropa and Gandanga. [Total time: 79:07]
    1. audio sampleNdomutenda mambo  [8:59]
    2. Vasina katura  [10:16]
    3. Shanje  [6:55]
    4. audio sampleShumba  [5:49]
    5. Kariga mombe  [7:34]
    6. Mbavarira  [8:26]
    7. Mahororo  [7:00]
    8. Mukai tiende  [7:03]
    9. Bembero  [5:07]
    10. Nyatwa  [6:11]
    11. Vasina katura  [5:32]


    Beauler Dyoko at the Manyame River 17 April 1996: Solo & with Erica Azim, Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira & Vocals
    Beauler Dyoko at the Manyame River 17 April 1996: Solo & with Erica Azim, Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira & Vocals When asked what her favorite place to play mbira was, “Ambuya” Beauler Dyoko said emphatically, “The river, where I go fishing.” Thus, this recording was recorded sitting on a granite slab, amongst giant granite boulders, at the Manyame River, not far from Ambuya’s home in St. Mary’s, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Tracks 1-7 are solo, and tracks 8-12 add Erica Azim playing kutsinhira. Both mbira classics and Ambuya’s compositions are included. In 1969, Beauler Dyoko broke the gender barrier to become the first woman mbira player published on records in Zimbabwe. Her funky rhythmic feel on the mbira, and lovely singing voice, made her popular for generations, leading both her mbira group and mbira-centered electric band. She mixed traditional lyrics with her own (often feminist) ones. Recorded by Erica Azim & Tracy Willett, photo by Tracy Willett. Tuning: Nyamaropa. [Total time: 89:16]
    1. Kuenzera  [9:04]
    2. audio sampleUnozofa  [8:12]
    3. Rasai mapfumo  [6:30]
    4. audio sampleMhondoro dzinomwa  [7:28]
    5. Munongovhaira  [9:35]
    6. Taireva  [5:13]
    7. Karanda  [7:06]
    8. Shumba  [6:37]
    9. audio sampleBukatiende  [7:41]
    10. Taireva yekare "Kusuva musha"  [6:10]
    11. audio sampleNyamaropa  [8:52]
    12. Nyama musango  [6:52]


    Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim: First Meeting on 17 February 1994, and one song with Christopher Doubt Chaitezvi
    Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim: First Meeting on 17 February 1994, 
and one song with Christopher Doubt Chaitezvi
In 1994, for two of the rare women gwenyambiras (professional mbira players who play to call spirits) to meet was a special occasion! Patience Chaitezvi was just 23 years old, but already an accomplished mbira player, on the day that she and Erica Azim met and sat down to play mbira together for the first time. Track 7 is a special treat, with Patience playing mbira together with her now late brother Christopher Doubt Chaitezvi, who was her first mbira teacher. Recorded 17 Feb 94 in Highfield by Todd Boekelheide. Tuning: Mavembe/Gandanga. [Total time: 47:58]
    1. Marenje (Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [5:05]
    2. Nhema musasa [Ngozi yemuroora](Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [8:26]
    3. Chipembere (Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [8:13]
    4. audio sampleMahororo (Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [10:15]
    5. Kanhurura/Nyama musango (Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [4:47]
    6. audio sampleMbavarira/Ndomutenda mambo (Patience Chaitezvi & Erica Azim) [5:00]
    7. audio sampleNhema musasa [Ngozi yemuroora](Patience & Christopher Doubt Chaitezvi) [5:46]


    First Meeting: Forward Kwenda & Erica Azim 6 & 11 February 1991
    First Meeting: Forward Kwenda & Erica Azim 6 & 11 February 1991 This is a recording of the first two evenings that Forward Kwenda and Erica Azim met (later to tour extensively together), and played mbira together from 1 to 3 am...recorded by a friend who was there in Harare at the time. Experience the dramatic changes of mood, from gentle to intense, from sweet to frenetic, from steady to soaring. Tracks 1-5 are in MBIRA workshop pitch (around B) nyamaropa tuning, and tracks 6-10 are in mavembe/gandanga tuning. Recorded 6 and 11 Feb 1991, 1 - 3 am in Harare by Brett Stewart, mixed by Erica Azim, photo by Brett Stewart.. Musicians: Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim Tuning: Nyamaropa, Gandanga/Mavembe. [Total time: 109:27]
    1. audio sampleMahororo (Nyamaropa tuning) [21:32]
    2. audio sampleNhema musasa (Nyamaropa tuning) [11:18]
    3. Baya wabaya (Nyamaropa tuning) [4:10]
    4. Bangidza (Nyamaropa tuning) [12:02]
    5. Mukai tiende (Nyamaropa tuning) [9:30]
    6. Mbavarira (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [7:24]
    7. Nyama musango (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [15:46]
    8. audio sampleMukai tiende (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [9:00]
    9. Taireva yekare (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [6:46]
    10. Bembero (Mavembe/Gandanga tuning) [12:00]


    Healing Dreams: Ancient Mbira of Zimbabwe
    Healing Dreams: Ancient Mbira of Zimbabwe The ancient Shona mbira music of Zimbabwe is a vehicle for communication between living people and ancestors extending back to the dawn of mankind. Playing or listening to mbira is known to heal both physical and mental illness, far beyond the boundaries of cultural expectations, often taking one to states of trance or vivid dreaming. As a musician, it is humbling to be a vehicle for such powerful music. Performed in a gentle style that supports rest, relaxation and meditation, the pieces on this recording have been played from time immemorial. Musician: Erica Azim. Tuning: Katsanzaira, Nemakonde, Nyamaropa, Dambatsoko. [Total time: 69:02]
    1. audio sampleBangidza (Katsanzaira tuning) [9:16]
    2. audio sampleDangurangu (Katsanzaira tuning) [3:59]
    3. audio sampleNhema musasa yepasi (Katsanzaira tuning) [6:28]
    4. audio sampleChipindura (Nyamaropa tuning) [9:13]
    5. audio sampleNyamaropa yeDambatsoko (Dambatsoko tuning) [7:57]
    6. audio sampleMarenje (Nemakonde tuning) [7:13]
    7. audio sampleShumba (Nemakonde tuning) [8:35]
    8. audio sampleMbavarira (Nemakonde tuning) [8:24]
    9. audio sampleVasina katura (Nemakonde tuning) [7:48]


    Mama's Lullaby CD - Lullabies from Mothers Around the World (including one on mbira with Erica Azim)
    A collection of lullabies from all over the world, sung by mothers. One is an mbira song with Erica Azim. (Ellipsis Arts) Musician: Erica Azim.


    Mbira: Healing Music of Zimbabwe
    Mbira: Healing Music of Zimbabwe Erica Azim plays low pitched mbiras (Dambatsoko and Nemakonde tunings) in a meditative style intended for healing. Musician: Erica Azim. Tuning: Dambatsoko, Nemakonde.

    Side A

    1. audio sampleKariga mombe yekare  [7:43]
    2. Mukai tiende  [11:57]
    3. Nyamaropa  [12:44]
    4. Dangurangu  [4:03]
    5. Nyamaropa yevaNhowe  [6:59]
    6. Taireva  [5:55]
    7. audio sampleNyama musango  [10:42]


    Svikiro: Meditations of an Mbira Master - Forward Kwenda (with Erica Azim)
    Svikiro: Meditations of an Mbira Master - Forward Kwenda (with Erica Azim) In Zimbabwe, a savannah land of tall grasses, granite hills and acacia trees, rain is of paramount importance. The svikiro is a human keeper of a spirit which has the power to provide or withhold rain from the land. In his early teens, Forward Kwenda was selected by these rainmaking spirits to sing and play the ancient mbira dzavadzimu at ceremonies. A self-taught, intuitive musical prodigy, Forward was in constant demand to perform and record within two years of starting to play the mbira. 'When I pick up my mbira, I don't know what is going to happen..the music just goes by itself, taking me higher and higher until I can end up crying because the music is so much greater than a human being can understand.' This is the first Forward Kwenda CD; Erica Azim plays with Forward on some cuts. (Shanachie) Musicians: Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim. Tuning: Gandanga/Mavembe, Nyamaropa, Nemakonde.
    1. audio sampleKanhurura (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [5:19]
    2. Gonamombe rerume (Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim) (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [5:58]
    3. audio sampleZvichapera chete (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [6:38]
    4. audio sampleChipembere nhimutimu (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning)
    5. audio sampleTadzungaira (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning)
    6. Chipembere (Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim) (Nemakonde tuning)
    7. Mukai tiende (Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim) (Nemakonde tuning)
    8. Mandarendare (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [5:36]
    9. Chipindura (Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim) (Nyamaropa tuning) [5:34]
    10. Mahororo (Forward Kwenda, Erica Azim) (Nyamaropa tuning) [6:23]
    11. Chidhangechidhange (Forward Kwenda) (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [4:41]


    Mbira Dreams - Erica Azim 1992
    Mbira Dreams - Erica Azim 1992 Traditional Shona mbira music performed in a meditative style on Dambatsoko, nyamaropa and mavembe/gandanga tuning instruments. Recorded 1992. Musician: Erica Azim.
    1. audio sampleNyamaropa 'Kurara wayi kunetenge kufa' (Dambatsoko tuning) [9:06]
    2. Shumba yaNgwasha (Dambatsoko tuning) [8:37]
    3. Shumba 'Chimbo chewakare' (Dambatsoko tuning) [7:53]
    4. Chipindura (Nyamaropa tuning) [5:49]
    5. audio sampleChakwi (Nyamaropa tuning) [6:49]
    6. audio sampleBangidza (Nyamaropa tuning) [5:15]
    7. Ndomutenda mambo (gandanga/mavembe tuning) [7:40]

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